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Meet The Team


We’re a team of passionate, dedicated individuals who love collaborating to make exceptional cutting-edge
products to make the world a better place. The team has deep talent in the development of innovative technological products and extensive experience in business development and startup creations


Luda  Brodsky

CEO, inventor and partner

Luda brings more than 10 years of experience in development of electronic circuits, devices and systems. She has wide expеrience in product development including military electronic equipment, 6 years’ experience in sales. Luda holds B.Sc in electronics.

Isaac Zuker

Inventor and partner

Isaac holds a B.Sc in electronics and MBA degree. He has 30 years of experience in  complex technological project management, product management and company management. 


Nadav Levy
Business advisor and partner

Over 20 years of Biz Dev and IT management in global corporates and startups, served in 8200 unit


Dr. Smadar Schreiber

Product Advisor - Dermatologist

Dr. Smadar Schreiber is the director of the Medical Center, manages the Aesthetic Clinic and holds two doctorate degrees.

Dr. Schreiber participated in the development of an innovative treatment for removing cancerous tumors without surgery and without scars. This treatment is called photodynamic therapy, based on a special material activated by light that destroys the tumor from the inside.

Then Dr. Schreiber then participated in the development of light-based devices in a global company. Dr. Schreiber has developed methods for the treatment of skin cancer, psoriasis, acne skin infections and viral warts.

Michael H. Gold, MD

Dr. Gold is a board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon and oversees the various facets of the Center’s operations; a combination of medical and surgical dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, aesthetic services and research endeavors. Dr. Gold has earned worldwide recognition for providing patients with leading edge technological advances in dermatology and aesthetic skin care. He plays and integral role in the development of new pharmaceutical products and medical devices through his clinical research, and presents the results regularly at national and international dermatology and cosmetic meetings.

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