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Aesthetic Treatments Industry  
  • Dermal fillers injection is the most popular wrinkle treatment. , the worldwide dermal fillers market in 2019 exceeded USD 6.2 billion and grew by 7.6% annually for the last 10 years.


  • The most popular non-invasive procedures today are Botox injections and Dermal filler injections.

  • The primary market leading dermal fillers manufacturing companies are Allergan, Galderma, and Merz.  

  • The end-users are all practitioners who are allowed to inject dermal fillers.

  • The practitioners purchase dermal fillers syringes from dermal fillers manufacturers and manually inject dermal fillers to patients.

  • Currently, only highly skilled practitioners perform dermal filler injections, which is a small share of the market potential (about 12,400,000 syringes were injected worldwide during 2019)

  • Agyless device automates the facial filler injection procedure and eliminates both the complications and adverse effects caused by incorrect injection technique.

  • Agyless device creates an opportunity to further increase the dermal filler sales in the existing market and to open a new market segment of practitioners who are permitted by law to inject dermal fillers but have not previously injected due to lack of experience. The ease of use and safety will facilitate an increase in the number of procedures performed by non-skilled practitioners, as well as encourage hesitant patients to undergo filler treatment.

  • The introduction of the Agyless device will increase the dermal fillers sales dramatically by providing safety and excellent results independent of practitioners' skills or experience. We expect increased demand as potential patients understand the safety advantage, increased comfort, and better results offered by Agyless over the manual injection method. Wide acceptance of the Agyless device will turn it into the gold- standard for dermal filler injections. The demand from patients will further encourage practitioners to adopt the use of Agyless device, further increasing its popularity.

Dermal Fillers Market

The target audience will constantly use our specially designed filler syringes and disposable  parts (needles and hygienic tubes).

Benefits for Filler manufacturer 

The device will allow the filler manufacturer to increase their market share, maintain customer loyalty, and distinguish itself from their competition.

  • The filler manufacturer can develop a business model Machine->Filler container>Service used by companies such as NESPRESSO, HP and many others

  • The filler manufacturer can provide unique filler syringes for the device

  • The filler manufacturer will distribute the device using the existing marketing channels

  • The end-users will ONLY be able to use the filler syringes provided by the specific manufacturer

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