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We continuously improve our product design in order to produce a final version of the devices in a year. Below you can find our latest achievements and future plans.



  1. We invented and developed a first proof-of-concept device of Smart Filler Injector.

  2. We were granted a patent for our unique technology.

  3. We tested Smart Filler Injector in a medical clinic. The procedure was performed by an experienced dermatologist.

  4. We built the improved proof-of-concept device based on feedback gained during the testing. 

  5. We tested the second Smart Filler Injector proof-of-concept device on two patients in a medical clinic. The procedures were performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.

  6. We added additional features to the device such as blood vessel penetration prevention.

  7. Successfully tested the blood vessels penetration prevention feature on animals.


We need to raise funds in order to minimize our device, to get FDA approval and manufacture the first batch of the product.

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