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Smart Filler Injector  

Smart Filler Injector is an innovative wrinkle treatment device that uses our patented technology for safe, painless and quick wrinkle-filling injections. The device helps to prevent side effects and provides immediate results. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, our device is much safer than all other wrinkles treatment methods that currently exist. The device provides great results even if the injections are performed by non skilled practitioners


How does the device work?

The device automatically injects the dermal filler under the skin along the wrinkle in order to fill the wrinkle from beneath. The injected filler is Hyaluronic Acid (or similar); It has been in use for many years and is approved by the FDA. As we age, the collagen layer beneath our skin becomes thinner in some places thereby creating wrinkles. By filling these areas, we completely smooth the wrinkles and you look young again. The device uses a specially designed, replaceable filler syringe, injection mechanism and injection logic. 

Some Facts

  • The filler injection procedure is the most popular wrinkle treatment today.

  • This is the only procedure that currently exists that provides plastic surgery results without a need for plastic surgery.

  • Since the procedure is done manually, its result is completely depends on the injection technique and the experience of the practitioner.

  • Manual injecting requires good knowledge, rich experience and very good hands.

  • There may be complications and adverse effects caused by an incorrect injection technique.

Which problems do we solve?

Disadvantages of current method in wrinkle filling:


  • Since the procedure is done manually its result is completely depends on the injection technique and the experience of the doctor.

  • Manual injecting demands a good knowledge, rich experience and very good hands.

  • Excluding the eye the dermis is the most sensitive organ of the body

  • The thickness of the facial dermis, which is less than 2 mm in most areas

  • There are complications and adverse events caused by incorrect injection technique


The side effects of the manual injecting technique are:

Typical Side Effects

  • Bolus

  • Redness

  • Swelling

  • Hematoma

  • Pain during and after the procedure

  • Bruising

  • Discoloration

  • Tyndal effect

  • Skin necrosis

  • Bleeding during the procedure

Few days recovery period until a patient can return to usual activities

 Device's benefits 

There is no need to apply an anesthetic cream or injection prior to the treatment – as a result, the doctor saves money on anesthetic materials and saves time on each treatment. 

A patient can return to normal daily activities immediately after the treatment – meaning the patient will always prefer the procedure with the automatic device

The device always gives excellent results and efficient in filler usage. It uses the exact amount of filler required for wrinkle filling. 

No Pain 

The device performs the procedure accurately and painlessly

Prevents Side Effects

There are low chance for side effects after the treatment 


Efficient usage of the filler

Device's Features

  • Small and wireless

  • Simple in usage ( a practitioner will not need any special instructions or training)

  • Special filler syringe explicitly designed for our device

  • Automatically injects the precise amount of dermal filler at the accurate depth

  • Painless treatment process

  • Blood vessel detection and prevention of injection into the blood vessels

  • Detection of precise needle tip location inside the skin tissue

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