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Our patent was approved

The patent was approved by the US Patent Office 

Successful testing of the proof-of-concept device

We successfully tested the proof-of-concept device with two different practitioners


New features added 

We added a blood vessel penetration detection feature

Dermal fillers injection is the most popular wrinkle treatment. Worldwide, the dermal fillers market in 2019 exceeded $6.2 billion and growing by 7.6% annually for the past 10 years.

Filler injections carried out manually using a regular filler-containing syringe are frequently associated with more than ten adverse effects, ranging from pain and bruising to Necrosis and blindness.


Agyless patented injection device allows preventing of all those adverse effects offering the practitioner enhanced comfort and the patient enhanced safety with better cosmetic outcomes.

This innovative, reliable, and easy to use device assists the practitioner to inject dermal filler with perfect results and enhanced safety.

Its ease-of-use and high safety profile will encourage inexperienced practitioners to perform these treatments, thus enlarging the dermal filler market.


About Us 


Watch proof-of-concept device N1 testing video 


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Our Team 

We’re a team of passionate, dedicated individuals who love collaborating to make exceptional cutting-edge
products to make the world a better place. 

Smart Filler Injector

An innovative wrinkle treatment device that uses our patented technology for safe, painless and quick wrinkle-filling injections. The device has no side effects and provides immediate results.

The project progress

After the successful testing of the device proof-of-concept device we look for additional investments to build the final version of the device 

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